From the inception of eClaimWorks (eCW) in 2014 with a single Urgent Care practice in Deerfield Beach, Florida, there was a singular vision that drove everything we did – simplified healthcare that was fuss-free and efficient. 

With this vision in mind, the core team of eCW got to work to put together a team of experts, automation tools and the experience necessary to successfully manage electronic claim and remittance processing, even with the ever-changing rules and regulations.

With a combined experience of 40+ years in the healthcare space, we have now expanded our bouquet of services and offerings and currently work with 6 practices across 4 different specialties. Our steady growth and consistent quality of service has allowed us to become a premier RCM service provider in the Palm Beach area.

We have achieved 100% client retention in our two years of operation and we are now ready to take our business model to other urban markets in the US.